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Fall - Fashion Week- Food

Posted by Ladiesof Lounge on
Fall -  Fashion Week- Food
I have a lot of F's in this post. Mostly because I like alliteration. I should actually give myself an F + for sitting down to write this.  So lets break down these F's.  Fall as much as I love Fall- I feel like once I have all my summer outfits together and working my designer chic looks, I then have to put together Fall clothes.  I am sensitive to looking like summer in Fall, but I will wear white regardless- take that Fashion Police.  I miss Joan.  Ok.... Fashion Week- I am not at the point "where" (I want to make the typo of "wear", but I wont) I do not even see the model, I see the textures, fit, capability of it being wearable on + sample size.  I felt like I definitely am on the right track being that fringe was in.  I made the attached dress this past summer and then saw fringe all over the run way.  I had a great Gatsby dress request and this was my sample. And lastly- I like food.

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